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Logo de OSGeo Live

OSGeo Live

Collaboration at the geospatial free software realm

Geocamp 2012 · Campo Maior · 22/09/2012

Jorge Sanz · · @xurxosanz

Slides at (github)


What is OSGeo-Live?

Live DVD/USB/VMWare that runs a full fledged system with lots of FOSS4G goodness!!

OSGeo Live wordle


An OSGeo activity

Collaboration of developers, packagers, sysadmins, documenters, translators and power users
  • Thin web clients: 5
  • Crisis management: 2
  • Data bases: 4
  • Desktop GIS: 12
  • Navigation: 7
  • Geospatial tools: 7
  • Servers: 13
  • Libraries: 4
Geospatial data:
  • Natural Earth
  • OSGeo North Carolina
  • OpenStreetMap sample

OSGeo Live contents

OSGeo-es participation

Spanish Language OSGeo Local Chapter


OSGeo Live documentation translation

Our secret:
ease the work for the translators
with the support of our technically savvy people

gvSIG participation

How a software project
joins OSGeo Live?

Aplicar a OSGeo Live

Which are the main tasks?


gvSIG Quickstart


Previous work by Software Colaborativo

Canaima Linux


Development of an install bash script

  • install the .deb package
  • install a default project
  • ...

gvSIG Script

Call to action

At OSGeo-es and OSGeo-pt

The Empire Wants You!!!

The Empire Wants You!!!

At gvSIG

You can help us to improve the default project adding more available data, symbology, layouts, etc.


Slides repo

Hands up